Better prompt archive management for ChatGPT

If you are like me, you must be familiar with that feeling of frustration when scrolling through the “infinite” list of your past conversations with ChatGPT, looking for the particular one you want to re-check again, just to realise that you can’t find it — at least, not quickly and without a significant effort. One summer afternoon, I started ideating on the concept of a better prompt archive management.

I asked myself: “How could we improve the usability of our beloved AI tool?”

There are many possible areas of improvement when it comes to software as young as ChatGPT was in 2023. This post is about of them — the better prompt archive management. I contemplated the idea of what if we gave users an option to organise their past conversations with ChatGPT somehow? Not just archive them but also group and tag them in meaningful-to-them ways.

In other words, what if we introduced a better way to organise and manage people’s prompt archives. You can read more on this in my Medium article here.