Martin Tutko

Martin Tutko

Product Designer (UX Designer)

The excellence of a successful product is in direct proportion to its clarity and usability!

I'm a user experience (UX) designer and marketing manager with over 22 years of experience working in UX design and marketing industries  — collaborating with diverse businesses and start-ups from across 3 different continents. You can check more about what I do here.

Currently, I'm working for Optus in Australia where we build online products and better user experiences for our customers.

And besides my work, I'm always happy to meet new people, creative and inquisitive, to discuss business ideas and opportunities.

Feel free to reach out 🙂

Work experience in:

  • UX Design & Project Management (Digital Product Development)
  • Marketing Management (Strategy & Planning | Product Marketing)
  • Content Strategy (Information Architecture | Storytelling | Creative Writing)
  • Graphic Design & DTP (Website & UI Design | Desktop Publishing)
  • Website Development (WordPress | Drupal | CMS Setup and Customisation | Online Applications)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (On-Page Technical SEO | Link Building | Content Distribution)
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing (Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | PPC Ads)

Personal Projects

  • Quotestheticsa little side project of mine. The labour of love, something I'm passionate about. This website is my personal collection of UX-design and marketing-related quotes and wisdoms by famous designers, marketers, engineers and advertisers. Feel free to explore.

Martin's Scribbles

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