Hi, my name is Martin

I’m a project manager and an online marketer

I’m a problem solver. I will help you to get all important marketing work done on time and budget so you don’t have to worry about micro-managing every single step. Remember, every moment counts! Let’s collaborate and use our time wisely.

Martin Tutko Marketing Consulting

I’ll give you freedom to focus on what’s most important – running your business!

I’m a result-driven marketer and project manager with over 17 years of experience in developing websites and marketing campaigns for companies on 3 different continents. I understand the concept of ROI and the importance of clarity and consistency in marketing.

I’m a strong believer in consistent and result-driven approach to marketing

Whether you need to re-brand your company, launch a new product or boost your sales, I’m ready to help. I will suggest a suitable marketing strategy for your business and tailor an executable marketing plan to help you reach your goals.

  • Help you to re-focus your attention on essentials!
  • Project-manage development of your marketing materials or online marketing campaigns
  • Audit your current marketing materials and suggest improvements based on market research
  • Review your internal marketing processes and suggest changes when necessary
  • Help you uncover or better understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Conduct a market research and identify opportunities for your business ideas
  • Streamline your marketing processes
  • Measure and analyse results of our collaboration and conduct comprehensive follow ups


Let’s grab a coffee and discuss what we can create together.


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How I work

Let’s streamline what should be streamlined and get important marketing work done!

I understand marketing and marketing processes inside out. I’m also aware of many progress-obstructing complexities that emerge when dealing with multi-departmental organizations. I have developed a unique method of getting marketing work done on time and budget while harvesting measurable results.

I’m available to take on contractual short-term projects and help you achieve your marketing needs.

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What I do

Marketing Related Project Management

Diplomatic and tactful in interpersonal communication, yet goal-driven in decision-making. I’m flexible and versatile with an ability to transcend personal differences in order to reach a common goal.

Website Development (WordPress, Drupal)

17 years of experience building, conceptualising, re-branding and maintaining websites in 6 different languages and on 3 different continents. Proficient at WordPress, Drupal, UX, CSS.

Marketing Consulting & Market Research

I understand the nuances of cross-cultural communication, especially when dealing with non-English speaking markets. I’m a strong believer in market research, A/B testing and importance of consistent and goal-driven messaging.

UI/UX Consutling

Skilled at leading clients through the process of conceptual design, and the development of effective marketing funnels that lead to conversion and higher ROIs.

What I can help you with

A few examples of projects that I can help you get done on time and budget


Working with Martin was a pleasure - assistance with all aspects of the design and UX and fast response times to any request. Martin and his team delivered a revitalised website that is quick to load and works well across all platforms. I would strongly recommend Martin to anyone wanting to produce a new website or rework their existing website to be an effective sales tool for today's users.

Robert Parsonson, ISEAA - Executive Officer

We have received many compliments on our new website since we launched it early this year. Martin has done a great job helping our team to put together the website concept that worked, including marketing content writing and SEO optimisation. He has built a simple, yet comprehensive B2B focused website for us. On-time and budget. Martin’s insights and marketing advice were priceless and super helpful along the way. Now we have a better understanding of our future online marketing strategy.

Karl Ronhave, Managing Director At Scandinavian House, Denmark

Martin is strict in his approach to online marketing but he also delivers real results. Since last year, after we implemented some of his suggestions, our business acquired 95 new long-term clients coming from organic Google search. That’s 280% increase compared to the previous year. A huge boost for our business.

Mr. Nguyễn Phú, Vietnam Owner & Managing Director of Phuscooters

First of all Martin helped us to arrive at a good design and functionality of our web shop. We learned a lot from discussions with Martin about different topics like what text to write on pages, SEO, marketing and how to integrate with a facebook presence. But perhaps most importantly, we benefited from having Martins perspective on the special characteristics of online marketing for our position in South East Asia. This is not exactly the same as the general wisdom of online marketing in the US or Europe. In the global online market space, we realized how important it is to understand the dynamics of user behaviour and online culture in the region you are in. All in all it was fun and supported our business to work with Martin.

Paw From Denmark, Managing Director at Tigerwhey Supplements

Martin is very reasonable and has been working as a subcontract web designer, graphic designer and is very talented in his work. Which is the reason we are still having him do web design and artwork for us and my wife’s business for more than 10 years.

Michael Ennis, Australia CEO of Norstone Australia

Let's grab a coffee - Martin Tutko

Let's grab a coffee

and discuss what we can create together!

(I respond within 1 business day.)

My Scribbles

My random scribbles about work-related stuff I find interesting to write about!

Feel free to read and hit me with your feedback 🙂 

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