What I can do for you

As a user experience designer and marketing project manager with more than 21 years of experience, I have developed an unique method of smashing sales targets and increasing my customers return on investments (ROIs).

Following is a brief breakdown of what I can do for you

Website Development (WordPress, Drupal)

WordPress | Drupal | CMS Setup and Customisation | Online Applications

Website Development

I will build an effective website for your business to support your marketing needs and to help you convert website visitors into new customers.

UI/UX & Graphic Design

Research | Design Thinking | Product Development

User Experience Design [UXD] & Project Management

Devil is in the detail and a clever UX design serves as an example of how tiny nudges and micro-interaction often mean the world of difference. Among other things I can help you optimise marketing "language" and conversions funnels to help you achieve higher return on investments (ROIs).

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Information Architecture | Storytelling & Creative Writing

Content Strategy

I will help you to develop content strategy that will drive traffic to your website, boost sales and increase customers loyalty to your brand.

Marketing Plan

Strategy & Planning | Digital Marketing

Marketing Consulting

I will help you develop marketing strategy (and executable step-by-step plan) that will increase your conversion rates and sales.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | PPC Ads

Digital & Social Media Marketing

I will help you to stay in charge of your social media presence, be relevant and drive traffic to your conversion pages where you will make money.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

On-Page Technical SEO | Link Building | Content Distribution

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Work with me and your business will benefit from an organised and goal-driven approach to Search Engine Marketing and PPC advertising.


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