What I do for a living

Let’s be specific and let’s talk in terms of tangible and measurable outcomes

Therefore I go further and elaborate on how I usually stop my clients from sending through the long lists of deliverables, and instead I start asking questions:

  • What is your business about?
  • What are your core values?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • And most importantly, what are you trying to achieve by whatever we do together?

“Let’s be specific and let’s talk in terms of tangible and measurable outcomes,” I suggest. In other words, I try to understand the outcomes my clients expect from our collaboration.

I listen and learn …

I listen carefully to the answers because I need to learn a useful “minimum” about their niche. Obviously, more I understand the market my clients function within, more likely I can add some value to their business.

Online Marketing - Talking to Clients
It’s all pretty common-sense, right? More I get to know about my client’s business, better I can help to turn their ideas into deliverable, tangible and measurable results.

Then I give away some insights that might help my clients exceed their obvious potential

I also believe that when I work with my clients it’s my responsibility to go beyond just sheepishly following their instructions. Instead I offer some insights along the way to help them exceed their obvious potential. Our collaboration should be a two-way highway where information flows both ways. It’s about listening, learning, analyzing, but also about adjusting, sharing, contributing and exceeding the boundaries of ourselves.

To sum it up, I’m in the business of transforming my desktop publishing and marketing experiences into something that is meaningful and useful for my clients. I’m here to listen and learn about your next entrepreneurial project.

Let’s create something awesome together!