Academy of Entrepreneurs UI&UX

Website Design & UX Consulting for Academy of Entrepreneurs in Sydney, Australia

I was responsible for the complete website overhaul, which included extensive work on: UI&UX design, wire-framing, design visualisations, writing briefs for website developers and overseeing development and deployment of various online features.

User interface (UI) guidelines and user experience (UX) schematics for consistency of future enhancements

Additionally I was consulting on off-page and on-page search engine optimisation (SEO), content strategy, conversion enhancements and copywriting.


  • UX wireframes, flow charts and conversion funnel maps
  • Landing page layouts, website design suggestions  and variations on suggested proposals
  • Complete set of page designs and in-page elements (both mobile and desktop variations)
  • New visual language guidelines for the future website development
  • Detailed briefs for website developers, including overseeing their work and debugging.
  • Implementation of the new approved designs and UX maps, testing.

The final realisation of the project was cancelled due to lack of resources.