The power of collective thinking

As designers, we know that a coherent user experience stems from the right mixture of polished user-interface elements (UI) and the set of sensible behaviors (UX). Those two aspects of design—when combined wisely—contribute to the overall happiness of our clients and their customers. However, as creative folks, we can go even further and push the limits of our creativity beyond the obvious. Re-considering the context and the environment for which we design is the good way to start.

As far as copy-writing goes, it’s wise to choose the style and tone of voice based on the audience and context. Selection of imagery is equally important. Almost every image in our project needs to be carefully considered, art-directed, and often retouched.

Creative copy-writing, choosing imagery, conceptualizing ideas, layout setting—to mention a few—are the integral parts of the process that is difficult to handle by disconnected individuals. The power of networking becomes more obvious when one sees well thought-out marketing campaigns in action. I often recommend my clients to hire an experienced content strategist (art-director) and a good copywriter to work together in tandem. It makes the follow-up work of designers easier and the overall output of our collaboration much more professional and effective.

To sum it all up, the context matters and the good art direction is something to be taken very seriously if we are to make something impressive and memorable, as is this brilliant IBM street advertising.