Motorbike Rentals in Saigon

Web Development and SEO

Marketing consulting, website development and search engine optimisation for Phu Scooters in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Primary Goals (KPIs)

  1. To attract more new foreign, mostly English speaking, customers from online sources such as Google Search, Facebook and travel review websites such as TripAdvisor.
  2. Increase the conversion rates:  to convert more online visitors into enquiries either by email or phone.

Scope of work

  • Marketing consulting: digital marketing strategy for attracting and capturing online customers.
  • Information architecture: content planning and English content writing, marketing copy, images, online advertisement copy.
  • UI Design: website design with emphasis on conversion goals, simplicity of usage, and uncluttered access to key information.
  • Website development: creation of the mobile friendly landing page with call-to-actions and with user-friendly contact form -> setting up conversion funnel.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): keyword research, competition analysis, selection of potentially profitable keywords, technical page optimisation, Google Analytics setup and follow ups.
  • Performance tracking and follow ups: fortnightly conversion analysis and keyword (SEO) adjustments.

Notable Achievements

235% Increase in organic online traffic

We have increased the organic traffic (Google Search and Facebook) by 235% in the first 3 months from launching the new website - from the average of 15 enquires per month to 35 enquiries per month.

320% Increase in conversion rates

We have tripled the amount of conversions by online visitors. This was mostly thanks to the new more engaging written content linked to call-to-actions, cleaner UI, and better information architecture.

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