MOZOW Danish Furniture Website Design

MOZOW - Danish Furniture Design

Content Strategy, Website & Online Store Setup, Marketing Consulting

Marketing consulting, information architecture for the website and online store, creative content writing, website development (WordPress) and online store setup (BigCommerce), advertising graphics and messages, display ads, PPC and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Primary Goals

  1. To establish the brand's online presence in Denmark and worldwide - bilingual implementation (Danish and English). Creation of Mozow's new website and product landing pages.
  2. To setup an online store: e-commerce solution aimed primarily at customers in Denmark. Need for a scalable implementation with an option to expand into other countries in the future.
  3. Social Media presence: Introduction of the brand through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Google) to customers in Denmark and English speaking countries (UK, Ireland).
  4. To setup Google analytics to measure conversation rates and efficiency of landing pages and e-commerce product pages. + the establishment of effective feedback loops, and iterative approach to increasing conversion rates.

Secondary Goals

  1. Creation of PPC advertisement campaigns (Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram).
  2. Increasing conversion rates: streamlining conversion funnels by using data from Google analytics, customer and staff feedback interviews and internal follow ups. (The aim: to convert more online website visitors into buyers).
MOZOW Danish Furniture Website Design
MOZOW Danish Furniture Website Design
MOZOW Danish Furniture Website Design

Scope of work

  • Marketing consulting: developing multiple strategies to achieve affordable market penetration, localized (Denmark) brand introduction, establishment of trust among customers, re-targeting and long term approach to marketing. Working on feedback loops and iterative approach to enhancing the website and optimizing the conversion funnels.
  • Complete creation of all main online assets: the company's website (WordPress) and online store (BigCommerce), product landing pages (image and information processing, creative content writing, SEO optimisation) + social media profile pages (Facebook, Instagram).
  • Information architecture: content planning and English content writing, creative marketing copy, images, writing for online ads.
  • UI Design: website design with emphasis on conversion goals, simplicity of usage, and uncluttered access to key information.
  • Website development: creation of the mobile friendly landing pages with clear call-to-actions and direct links to online store product pages -> conversion funnel.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): keyword research, competition analysis, selection of potentially profitable keywords, technical page optimisation, Google Analytics: setup, data analysis and follow ups.
  • Performance tracking and follow ups: regular conversion analysis and keyword-related content adjustments (SEO).

Creative Content Writing

Copywriting for MOZOW's Website, Online Store, Social Media and Online Display Ads

MOZOW Danish Furniture Website Design

Social Media and Online Display Ads

MT Mozow Ads Before After

Notable Achievements

From zero online presence to Mozow's first comprehensive, bilingual website in just 2 months

 Within 2 months we have created Mozow's new website. The work consisted of information architecture, content writing, image processing, UI design, website development (WordPress), article writing and SEO content optimisation.

Creation of Mozow's online store on tight budget

We have setup the new online store on the very limited budget and tight timeframe. Within 1 week we have reviewed multiple e-commerce platforms, chose the most suitable one, setup the Mozow's account and migrated all company's products from previous system to BigCommerce. We have also added new products to the newly created online store and re-organised the existing items for easier order processing.

Marketing content writing & UX design

Design of conversion funnels, display ads, call-to-actions for promoting the brand online and offline. Writing marketing content with the emphasis on brand introduction, increasing brand awareness and conversion rates which would lead to increase in sales.

MOZOW Danish Furniture Website Design
MOZOW Danish Furniture Website Design
MOZOW Danish Furniture Website Design
MOZOW Danish Furniture Website Design

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