AE Study International

AE Study Re-Branding

Development of the new design and marketing guidelines for AE Study International, the new website design proposals and user experience enhancements.

Scope of Work

I was responsible for driving the re-branding processes at AE Study. I have helped to develop the new design and marketing guidelines for the company together with the new design and UX for their website.

Goals (KPIs):

  • Move the website and marketing materials from Black/Gold styling to more colourful happier colour space
  • Increase the conversion rates on landing pages (measured by Google Analytics)
  • Increased the brand awareness ( measured by Student Survey and Facebook Feedback)


I directly worked with a team of 8 people. Most work had been done remotely, over the Skype, Google Hangouts or WhatsApp.


– Get all work done on time and budget
– Waterfall style approach wasn’t possible therefore I had to develop each piece and implement on products in short sprints
– The result served as feedback loop – witch each marketing material and presentation I learned something about the company’s needs and gathered valuable feedback which then led into more refined designed guideline

Challenges and Solutions

– working with team of creative yet unexperienced designers and marketers.
– Limited time and budgetary constrains
– Limited skillset on the website development side of the project – I had to adjust designs to fit skillsets of our programmers rather while still keeping the marketing needs in mind.

Desktop Publishing Implementation

I have developed the new design guidelines for marketing materials and for teaching materials.

New typography

New Colours Scheme

consistent and representative – each product (course) was represented by different colour

Design Elements

easily recognisable visual elements, server as brand identifiers as well as help content structuring and increasing comprehension, declutter content, visual content hierarchy

Results and Follow Ups

Only portion of my suggestions and ideas had been implemented (mostly due to budgetary reasons). The increase in conversion rates was significant yet we haven’t reached the full potential.

Website UI&UX and Development

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

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